Why Do Some Ladies Dislike Watching Sports So Vehemently…?

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*NB: (Long question, please skip if uninterested in reading, answering is NOT required).
Now, first I’d like to be very clear that I’ve known tons of ladies (the likes of Winter) who have loved watching or playing sports, so I’m only referring to those ladies who passionately despise watching sports. Secondly, (and I have to preface all questions with caveats lest I offend people in anticipation of the litany of protests) I’m well aware of the fact that we can’t generalise about certain things, however, I need SOME explanations for this phenomenon I’ve observed. Clearly, there will be different reasons, but I’d like to get a sense of what’s up with this.
Here are what I imagine might be some reasons for SOME ladies not liking to watch sports: Perhaps they might find a given sport too boring and since they may not know the rules, watching it becomes about as fun as watching paint dry. Perhaps they perceive a given sport as terribly bloody and brutal thus they don’t even wish to watch nor learn about the rules or history of the sport. Perhaps they are fully familiar with the sport’s rules and history but simply find a given sport too slow-paced to watch, etc.
What do you feel are some reasons for this phenomenon? If you’re a lady and dislike watching sports, would you kindly tell me, specifically, why you dislike them?
*Please avoid using profanity or acronyms as I’m uncomfortable with the former and as an immigrant, frequently lack familiarity with the latter.

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  1. R. Gaspari Says:

    Firstly, I am proud to have a girlfriend who keeps up with football (at least college ball) better than I do.
    In any case, the reason is almost certainly cultural. Men who dislike sports often find their masculinity questioned as a result, and women who are “too” into sports often find their femininity questioned as a result, and so people of each gender without the will to challenge society’s expectations of what their hobbies and interests should be find themselves funneled into the “appropriate” categories.
    As for the rest, well, sports are an acquired taste. Some people are into them, others aren’t. (More frequently, many people are into some sports but not others – I can sit down and watch any reasonably competitive game of football, but basketball bores the living hell out of me (bounce, bounce, SCORE, bounce, bounce, SCORE – oh, hey, now the score’s two billion versus two billion and THREE.))

  2. CAustin II Says:

    I’ll have to go with the second answer as well. They are just too boring. Sometimes I will just watch the highlights to see if anything interesting actually happened. I just don’t get some of these so-called sports either, like car racing. It is just a bunch of cars going in a circle, WOW. I would rather watch a good horror or action flick, at least there is something going on.

  3. dddd2776 Says:

    Same reason some men don’t like watching sports. I always see lots of excited women at sporting events. What women usually complain about is when guys get totally into sports and ignore them. It’s just like you feel when your girlfriend leaves you in the mall while she looks at shoes (or whatever stereotypical girl things that you hate when she does).

  4. I'm tired of being serious Says:

    I know guys who dislike watching sports for the fact that it’s just so damn high school-ish and downright silly. “Oh, hey…you get paid millions of dollars to through around a ball. What a true asset to this world you are. You also have millions of fans. People who admire you for throwing that ball of yours.”

  5. adrift Says:

    Like my husband and my father, I find sports boring. I understand the rules, but they are still dull. I much prefer movies, video games and other forms of entertainment with ’splosions and zombies.

  6. Rose D Says:

    I just dont get the sports I guess…it’s manly …more of a man thing. Just like I get why men dont wacth ice skating as much as women..it’s womanly. LOL thats why we fit together men and women….female, male. we need to be different.

  7. BabeM Says:

    Most sports aren’t bloody and brutal enough for me. They bore the hell out of me.
    UFC is acceptable

  8. Miss Theo Says:

    They just need to hang with me a bit. I’ll have em’ loving the sports in no time!

  9. Winter Glory Says:

    The same reason SOME men dislike watching sports so vehemently. They just don’t like it. Doesn’t entertain them.
    I believe it’s nurture, not nature, for some women, (older women). Past generations have been taught athletics are a man’s hobby, so they would take interests into things they were “supposed” to enjoy as hobbies.
    But now things are totally different, and I know a lot of females who enjoy sports.
    For the females who don’t like sports, they dislike for the same reason some MEN dislike it: it’s boring or just doesn’t interest them.
    It’s not just some females who don’t like sports. I know a lot of my guy friends aren’t into sports. Actually, my sister’s boyfriend hates sports because he thinks it’s stupid to sit around watching people do things you can’t. Some people don’t know the point of sports, while most of us think they’re fun.
    So anyways, to answer your question, it’s either:
    1.) They dislike it for the same reasons some men don’t like sports, (it doesn’t interest them).
    2.) They’re older and have been taught it’s not for them to enjoy.

  10. Anita Bryant Sucks Fruit Says:

    I am a female and I dislike watching sports unless its basketball because its boring. I think you kind of have to grow up with it because I don’t really know enough of the rules (yea I know the basic idea but thats it), I don’t know any of the teams, don’t know any of the players. I watch sports in the Olympics though, so maybe I should give it more of a chance.
    I am from Detroit and most of our teams (football and baseball) are really really bad haha.

  11. Izzi Says:

    That is quite foreign to me as I love sports. I love football, baseball, and hockey, but I don’t like wrestling and basketball. I think you are right that people who do not like sports don’t understand the game, don’t like how long some games take, or simply think that it is boring. I didn’t like football before i played it, and understood it, after I was hooked! (Go Bolts!) To each their own.

  12. So? Says:

    For me, it’s boring whether I know the rules or not. It’s the same game every time with a different outcome, and the only time I care who wins is if I know somebody on one of the teams but not the other.
    Every now and then, I can go to a local game on a pretty day and sit in the sunshine and enjoy the smell of the grass and a snack. I can watch the people in the stands and the players running around on the field and it’s a relaxing, lazy way to spend an hour or 2 of the afternoon. However, I couldn’t care less whether the people on the field are playing football, playing baseball, doing the hokey pokey dance, or just running in random circles. With TV sports, I lose most of the sensory experience of being there, the camera people decide for me what is worth looking at, and nobody I know is in the game. So why bother?

  13. Zelda Says:

    I don’t personally want to watch any sports, but then neither does my husband (except for sailing, which is only on telly once in a blue moon). I have never been able to get up any interest in sport in my life, and I don’t suppose I ever will now.
    No, I tell a lie, there was one time I was interested. In 1981, a friend and I went to see the Dennis Waterman Showbiz Eleven play the Richmond shakespeare Society Eleven, at a benefit football (soccer) match. Both of us went because we had a crush on Dennis Waterman, and both of us enjoyed the match for the same reason. But that’s the only time I can say I have ever really got interested in a football match.

  14. Louise C Says:

    PLAIN AND SIMPLE,,, women are not competitive,, they don’t understand the physical,mental and spiritual high men get from being crowned king or #1.. while i will agree some sports can be boring like baseball and basketball… but football on the other hand is modern day roman gladiators at their best putting their lives on the line.. leaving nothing behind.. honor,pride and glory FOOTBALL IS THE ULTIMATE MAN SPORT WOMEN CAN LEARN ALOT ABOUT MEN BY UNDERSTANDING FOOTBALL….

  15. DICK SMILEY. Says:

    I basically feel like what you’ve said, either I have no clue how the sport actually is played or why some moment was fantastic and awe inspiring or displays so much skill, or…it’s just boring even after it’s been explained to me.
    Take golf…most…boring…thing…EV ER!
    Most sports are like this for me, even football, which is faster paced than the dreaded baseball.
    Honestly, all I can watch are basketball and boxing. Anything else bores me till I whine or leave =/
    I’m only interested when people I know personally are playing, which is very rarely on t.v. haha =o)

  16. am1432 Says:

    Most women under 30 or so grew up playing all of the major televised sports in gym class. The rules are not a mystery, though perhaps they could be to much older women.
    Only a few sports are particularly brutal- ice hockey, football and rugby so that’s a red herring. Basketball, baseball and soccer even things out.
    When you talk about women enjoying sports do you include sports like gymnastics and figure skating? A lot of women who aren’t interested in the NBA or NFL watch these sports but they don’t seem to be included in your question.
    Also, are you counting NASCAR? I personally don’t consider it a sport, but it is just as popular with men as it is with women. That’s been true for about 10 years, before any of the drivers were female.
    I also think the number of women who are interested in sports is underrated while the popularity of sports with men is overrated.

  17. Kate Says:

    Personally, I love football and baseball! Those are my two absolute favorite sports to watch. Doesn’t even matter what teams are playing. I do have favorites though! Motorcross is very exciting. I LOVE that! I’m just beginning to watch hockey, but don’t a real clear understanding of the rules at this point – I’m on the fence.
    There are sports that I avoid though – golf (ugh: dullsville!), wrestling (in their goofy costumes puting on a show) and basketball. Basketball is great to play and I’m sure very exciting once you understand the general rules & get to know the athletes, but it’s a LONG season & I don’t want to always be in front of the tv watching a sport! I’m at my limit now;)
    The last “sport” I absolutely avoid is boxing. I am *very* against it morally. I know that all sports are dangerous, and often may cause major injuries, but boxing is really at the top of the list. Beating a person into unconsciousness is *way* beyond acceptable – and that’s their goal.

  18. curlyQ Says:

    First of all, I love sports! [hockey and football]
    I think the women who don’t like sports either a) don’t understand the sport b) are projecting their anger toward the sport b/c the bf/husband spends too much time watching sports c) find the sport boring. I find baseball and basketball boring as heck. WWE is just absurd…men..glitter.. feather boas..and spandex are a no-no in my book
    >Women are not competitive blah blah blah
    Says who? Tell that to the Williams sisters, Sara Hughes, Nadia, Cammie Granato, Manon Rheume (sp)and 1,000s of other women who have competed in sports. oh btw I made it to league finals in the 100, 200, 400 relay and long jump when I was in track. I loved the adrenaline rush.
    Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  19. Dracula gives a mean hicky Says:

    I don’t like many sports, watching or playing. With sports like football, rugby, and soccer, it might be, to a degree, not understanding the rules. On the other hand, I completely understand basketball but still do not care to watch it, unless my nephew is playing. I hate volleyball, probably because I was always getting hit in the head by that stupid ball in high school gym class. I do like watching figure skating, gymnastics, and dancing competitions. I did enjoy playing baseball when I was a kid and would be more inclined to watch it, but even that not so much. Some sports, like badminton, I do enjoy playing but watching it would bore me. Some sports, like Nascar, are just boring. My boyfriend really enjoys racing, but to me it’s just a bunch of guys driving in a big circle for a long time. He thinks its really dramatic and interesting but I don’t get what’s so fascinating about it. Other sports, like boxing and wrestling…I don’t get what is so great about watching people beating on one another.
    I tried to like Nascar because my boyfriend so enjoys it. As I learned the rules, the names of the racers, and became familiar with some of the history of the sport, the background information became more interesting. I might root for a certain racer, for example. But in the end, it’s still just a bunch of guys driving in a circle for a long time.

  20. Curious Said Alice Says:

    I can only answer for myself and I would say that one of the reasons why I don’t like sports is because I don’t understand all of the rules of the games and no one has ever taken the time to help me understand the rules, therefore I just think that it’s boring. I grew up in a household with all women, I had no father, no brothers, and no uncles around, so basically there was no one around me who actually enjoyed sports all that much, and there was no one to explain anything to me. There have been a few times where I have tried to ask some guy friends about the rules while they were watching a football game, they were so involved that they didn’t really want to take the time to explain it too me. I was told to just watch it and I’ll eventually be able to understand it. Pretty much, not the case with me. I’ve been to a basketball game before and I was very disinterested because we were sitting to far back for me to see anything-even though there was the big screen, but for all of that I could have just sat at home and watched it on television. Secondly, there are just too many breaks, pauses and time outs. I know that players need their breaks, but I don’t have time to waste. Also, with some sports such as football and basketball there just seems to be so much going on as far as the players running around, I can’t tell who is who, etc. Baseball is the only sport that I can watch and that because there’s only a few people to focus on at a time. That’s pretty much why I don’t like watching sports.

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