Timex Women’s T5D601 Ironman T Sleek 50-Lap Resin Strap Watch

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Product Description
This Timex Watch (but not any battery, crystal, band, or strap) is warranted to the owner for a period of ONE YEAR from the date of purchase against defects in manufacture by Timex Corporation. Timex will not repair defects relating to servicing not performed by Timex Corporation. This limited warranty applies to US Customers.Amazon.com Product Description
Timex gives its signature Ironman Triathlon multi-function, performance sport watch a sleek new look that’s a great fit for both men and women. Featuring a full complement of athletic timing features and a striking profile, the Timex Triathlon Sleek T5D601 has a metallic silver resin case that’s complemented by a uniquely styled, slim profile pink resin strap. It features three alarms that can be set for daily/weekday/weekend/weekly alarms, two time zones, an all-day white reflector display for easy reading even in direct sunlight, and water resistance to 100 meters. Sport timing functions include:

  • 100-hour chronograph with lap/split
  • On-the-fly recall of lap or split
  • Training log stores workouts by date, with best lap, average lap, and total segment time
  • Total run format/synchro timer maintains total activity time (less time paused during workout) and overall running time
  • Automatic interval repetition counter
  • Forward or backward setting
  • Built-in setting reminders
  • Top pusher for easy access to lap and split

The Indiglo night-light uniformly lights the surface of the watch dial using patented blue electroluminescent lighting technology. It uses less battery power than most other watch illumination systems, enabling your watch battery to last longer. The Night Mode feature allows you to illuminate the Indiglo night-light for 3 seconds with any button press, regardless of the mode or function.
Timex Women’s T5D601 Ironman T Sleek 50-Lap Resin Strap Watch

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  1. Amy Weierman Says:

    I’ve had this watch for a few months now, and am very happy with it. First, thanks to Timex for making some women’s digital watches in colors other than black and silver! The feature of this watch that really benefits me are the three alarms, each of which is independently programmable for a specific day, or for weekdays or weekends only. When you have kids with sports practice, music lessons, etc. these alarms serve as a handy reminder. I have had no problems with the craftsmanship of this product, and have worn it while swimming, landscaping my yard, and working out. So far, it’s taken a licking and is still ticking! I’m considering buying another one of these for when I can’t find the one I already have (the baby likes it, too!).
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. C. Johnson Says:

    the alarm on this watch is too quiet. if some cars go by, or a lawnmower starts up or some geese are getting riled up, the alarm can not be heard.

    other than that i found it easy to program; the directions are clear and easy to understand. the buttons are easy to push and get to. the band is soft and non irritating.

    i like the way it looks on my wrist.

    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. S. Franz Says:

    If you train using walk breaks or intervals, this is the watch for you. The 2 timers are fantastic. This is my second Sleek and I would get another or buy one for a friend.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. Sam K. Says:

    Right after I bought it, I swam while wearing it and pool water changed the color from pink to a cantalope orange and the white to dingy yellow. Then the thin straps on both sides fell off the buttons. Also, the round thing that is supposed to hold the strap in place never worked. I was always having to tuck the strap back in. All in all, I was happy to throw this one in the garbage yesterday (I wore it a total of 14 months) when water somehow made its way inside the watch and it completely died.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  5. Jennifer M. Wardley Says:

    Although I liked a few things about the watch (color, features, easy to read), the color faded the first time i swam with it and was no longer pretty pink AND it stopped working! I was just swimming laps for an hour and it completed died maybe 20 minutes after i got out of the pool. So, if you want a watch you can swim with I would NOT recommend this watch!
    Rating: 2 / 5

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