Timex Women’s 1440 Sports Digital Watch #T5J151

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Timex Women's 1440 Sports Digital Watch #T5J151

Amazon.com Product Description

This mid-sized Timex Sports digital watch (model T5J151) features a durable pink and silver resin watch case with easy-to-access side buttons and quickly readable large digital display. Sport timing features include a 24-hour chronograph and 24-hour countdown timer. Other features include a daily alarm, dual time zone display, and water resistance to 50 meters (165 feet). It’s completed by a comfortable gray polyurethane strap with a tapered profile.

The Indiglo night-light uniformly lights the surface of the watch dial using patented blue electroluminescent lighting technology. It uses less battery power than most other watch illumination systems, enabling your watch battery to last longer.

Product Description

This Timex Watch (but not any battery, crystal, band, or strap) is warranted to the owner for a period of ONE YEAR from the date of purchase against defects in manufacture by Timex Corporation. Timex will not repair defects relating to servicing not performed by Timex Corporation. This limited warranty applies to US Customers.

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  1. Wilona Says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Timex Watch
    I love this watch; it is light weight and easy to use. I recommend it for all types of active sports and it is stylish as well.

  2. Ketaki Says:

    I really liked this watch at first, although I thought there was an excessive amount of button-pushing involved to use any of the functions. It is supposedly water resistant, but after a particularly sweaty work-out, I noticed condensation inside the lens, and so I didn’t let it get moist again. I’ve had it all of *six months,* and it died. Took it apart and it is full of crud. I’ve never seen a cheaper watch. It’s not even worth it to send it in for a warranty replacement.

  3. Valonia Says:

    This is a a very attractive watch which is definitely a plus. Also, the watch is relatively easy to use. However there a few drawbacks. For example, after thirty minutes, the watch no longer records seconds, only minutes. This unfortunately makes this watch futile unless you are a beginner and are not too concerned with precision. I wouldn’t recommend this watch for a serious or experienced runner. ( I am a sprinter that has taken up cross country thus i found this watch served its purpose considering I was running cross country to improve in sprinting events). Another major drawback is the lack of directions with the watch. I mean I understand the watch is only twenty bucks but can I get some fricking directions????!!!

  4. Osma Says:

    This is a user-hostile watch. A disaster for runners because after 30 minutes it does not show seconds–for a runner there is a huge difference between 30:00 and 30:59. The timer takes 4 separate steps to set and it’s impossible to set anything without turning the indiglo feature on because the buttons are so poorly placed. I HATE this watch!

  5. Babette Says:

    1.0 out of 5 stars
    NOT user-friendly
    This watch is very difficult to use. I used my former Timex Ladies Sports Watch for everything – the alarm could be set for either daily or just week days.

  6. Hajari Says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Still enjoying this watch!
    Timex Women’s 144 Sports Digital Watch #T5J151
    I ordered and received this watch for myself in December 2008. It arrived quickly and was exactly as described.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Good, cute watch.
    This watch worked as advertised. Very cute design, a subtle amount of femininity (the pink), and I could get away with wearing it in uniform.

  8. Zahara Says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great watch, this is my second one.
    This is my second one. The first one had a white band, and while picking tomatoes the band turned green.

  9. Paige Says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Reliable watch with useful features
    Reliable watch has withstood two deployments to Iraq, among other things, and still works great. Date, alarm, indiglo, stopwatch, and dual time zone features have been very…

  10. Zahina Says:

    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Willing to try another
    Bought this watch back in May to use at the pool on the weekends, but loved the alarm and started wearing it at night (then switched back to the dress watch for work)…

  11. Nsombi Says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Perfectly Practical
    I wear this watch almost every day and have found it durable and reliable and useful. I use the alarm on it every day to help me remember appointments, the stopwatch comes in…

  12. Tuvya Says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Awesome watch!
    I got this watch for my 13th birthday and it is the best watch ive ever worn. I swim alot durring the summer so it was nice that it is waterproof.

  13. Vevina Says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great Watch!
    From day one, I’ve worn this watch everywhere. It’s durable, comfortable and fashionable. Goes from casual wear to workout wear easily. Great find.

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