Timex Midsize T53161 IRONMAN 30-Lap Resin Strap Sports Watch

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*INDIGLO® night-light *All Day INDIGLO® display *NIGHT-MODE® feature *100-hour chronograph with lap/split option either in large digits *30-lap memory recall *Top pusher for easy lap/split *24-hour countdown timer with:countdown/stop (CS)countdown/repeat (CR) *Daily/weekday/weekend alarm with 5-minute backup *2 time zones *99-lap counter *Forward or backward setting *Built in setting reminders *Water-resistant 100mAmazon.com Product Description
Ideal for high-performance athletes or occasional swimmers, the Timex Ironman 30-Lap Sports Watch is a trendy, durable watch for men or women. With a wide variety of useful functions including a daily/weekday/weekend alarm, 30-lap memory recall, 99-lap counter, 24-hour countdown timer, and stopwatch with lap and split times, this sports watch is also water resistant to 330 feet (100 meters). A stylishly contoured resin case complements the black resin bezel and band, and this Ironman watch wraps smoothly and comfortably around the wrist, fastening with a traditional buckle. The bright green dial with Indiglo night light can be read in any light conditions and offers a month, day, and date display along with options for different time zones.
Timex Midsize T53161 IRONMAN 30-Lap Resin Strap Sports Watch

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  1. Paul Says:

    I was looking for a digital watch that had a face that wouldn’t catch on clothing, or anything else, and had a rubber (polyurethane) strap that wouldn’t absorb smelly sweat after I went running. This Ironman has fulfilled both of those needs. Unlike my previous digital watch, this face is mid sized and does not snag on the wrists of jackets or on the carrying straps of book bags. The polyurethane wrist strap is smooth on the skin, doesn’t absorb sweat, easy to rinse, and durable. The indiglo light is bright and the watch is easy to read. The watch’s features include: two time zone clock, with options for a 12 or 24 hour time keeping; alarm; a stop watch with splits and 30 lap memory; and a count down clock. All of which are simple and intuitive to program.

    This Ironman is a very good watch for general use or for those who need something that can handle the rigors of exercise.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Joe M. Says:

    This watch can really take a beating. It has endured hours in the rain and snow. It has been submerged underwater. It has been smashed multiple times. So far it is stilling alive.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. buk wurm Says:

    I am 5′8″ and 165 lbs… not a big guy, but this watch looks like a toy watch on me. The natural curve of the band isn’t comfortable on my wrist and causes the dial to sit above my wrist. I think it is a solid state item and I would be more than tough enough for me, but it looks disproportionately small on my wrist. Either Chelsea Watches sent me the kiddie version or maybe I have a sensitive ego. I give it 5 stars for quality, but beware that it is smaller than you will expect. By way of comparison, I had the Timex Marathon 8 lap watch and it is smaller than many watches but fits me very well.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. Sam's Mom Says:

    I have this watch and it is great for exercise and general use. I had an old ironman watch for the longest time. I lifeguarded for four summers with it and wore it every time I went swimming. I used it to count laps while I was swimming. After 6 years it finally died and I got this one. I’m disappointed because the first time I wore it in the water it stopped working. Eventually it started working again when it dried out. The seal on it must not be any good. I only give it two stars because it hasn’t lived up to the expectations I had for it based on my old ironman watch.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  5. realistic dreamer Says:

    Overall, this watch is great. I wore it day-in day-out from 3/2005 to 5/2009 and it never let me down. I bought it at KMART for $35. I replaced that battery once (or was it 2x?) and it was strong as ever (indiglo is faint when battery is low). Took it to the pool many times for timed swims! Has the features everyone truely needs in a digital: daily alarm, two timers (count down and stopwatch), indiglo, date + day of week. Plus other fancy stuff I didn’t know what to do with (split? chrono? lap?). I’m sure you athletes know what that’s about. Anyway, never strached up the face, and I did plenty of outdoors stuff.

    Definitely, a little room for improvement: I’m a tiny lady with tiny wrists, and this “mid sized” watch was big on me (1) visually, a bit butch (2)thickness. Band gets annoying after hours at the computer!!!. That’s how I ended up losing it on campus this week. Also, I’m not a whiner, but for a unisex watch, it was definitely on the boyish side.

    Since I’ve misplaced mine (drat!) I’m here looking on Amazon for a more lady-like but just as sturdy and with the digital features I require. I think I’ll end up with the Timex Marathon, which seems to fit the bill. However, that one is notorious for the slim band breaking.

    Come on Timex, get your materials engineers on this…I want a flexible unbreakable slim band to house your great watch.

    Rating: 4 / 5

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