Ladies: What Sports Do You Like Watching On Tv? Any Favorite Teams You Like?

Posted on 07 October 2009 by

I love watching baseball!!!
…and of course I love the Yankees! ?

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  1. twinkys owner Says:

    I’m a baseball girl :) Go Tigers! :)

  2. Yanks4Li Says:

    i’m into soccer~ luv the worldcup~!~!

  3. sweetbby Says:

    Football, basketball, cheerleading (some people say it’s not a sport, but when they’re tumbling and all that crap I say it’s a sport!). Those are basically all I watch. I use to watch baseball, but I just havent followed my team (Braves hahaha) in a couple years!
    Fave football team would have to be the Florida Gators for college and for Pro TN Titans!

  4. Blonde Bombshell Says:

    figure skating!!

  5. Red Says:

    Baseball- Phillies.
    Basketball- 76ers.
    Football- Eagles.
    Can you tell I’m a Philly girl?

  6. Little Miss Jonas ? Says:


  7. bdbarbie Says:

    Baseball, Atlanta Braves

  8. wanda3s4 Says:

    I don’t like watching sports on TV. I have no effect on the outcome of the game, so why bother? I’d much rather go out and play the game myself.

  9. cara_fai Says:

    I was big into UFC, but nowadays I question if a lot of it is set up…
    but my bf is a huge Rangers fan and has totally won me over with hockey…I mean what’s not to love with that sport…

  10. serenity Says:

    Ice hockey! Better in person than on TV. I like the Boston Bruins. And I like the New England Patriots for football.

  11. badkitty Says:

    after what happened yesterday, forget about it!!!!

  12. GOLDENFA Says:

    Football and Rugby!

  13. aleisha_ Says:

    im starting to get into football.. go bears!!!!!!

  14. the drizzle is a chick! Says:


  15. POPTART Says:

    I love watching the Yanks as well… I also like watching the Red Wings.. and my College football team if they’re away, if it’s a home game… I’m there!

  16. The Nikki Says:

    I’m a Tar Heel born, I’m a Tar Heel bred, and I’m Tar Heel college-educated.
    So I watch my boys in baby blue, no matter the sport…or whether they’re winning. Go Carolina!

  17. gsaquest Says:


  18. imthiski Says:

    Hockey. I am a Detroit Red Wings nut.

  19. CELTS! Says:

    Basketball GO CAVS!

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