Ladies Poll: When You Watch Sports?

Posted on 03 October 2009 by

When you watch sports do you think about how hot or not hot a player is? I know I think about those things when watching womens sports!

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  1. Love minus zero/no limit Says:

    only when they are ‘driving down the middle’, ‘taking it inside’, displaying the ‘best hands on the field’, ‘being a beast underneath’ and adjusting their cup….i forgot ‘taking it to the hole with authority’.

  2. buck toothed asian Says:

    Hmm, not much unless they are really impressive and very attractive. I love sports and watch how they play the most.

  3. c.?.?.? Says:

    Hi If not,
    You really need to get lay!!! And SOON!!!
    Your Friend,

  4. poppy1 Says:

    Sometimes I do.

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