Ladies If U Were My Wife Would U Let Me Watch Sports On The Weekend?

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  1. Marissa Says:

    Absolutely! Women are so stupid to think that they’re partners should be with them 24/7! I need my personal space, too. While you’re watching sports, I can do my own thing. No problem!

  2. toobless Says:

    As long as you helped out the remainder of the week…. I would rather my husband watch sports than be harassing me!

  3. Kris J Says:

    HECK YA!!! It would give me time to go on Answers without you gettin’ up in my face!

  4. ? Says:

    Why wouldn’t you be able to watch sports? If you only have one tv, then get a second one and she can watch whatever she wants.

  5. Sweet Suzy 777! Says:

    yea of course… I’d probably watch some with you. as long as we had some “us” time too I wouldn’t mind.

  6. Green-eyed Nikki Says:

    It wouldn’t be up to me to “let” you. You are an adult, not a kid. I’d not have much respect for you if you didn’t do anything without my permission…my partner is an equal, we are a team…not boss and subordinate.

  7. BabeHart Says:

    no duh yes i would so do i love sports
    -good luck =]

  8. kiara v Says:

    That’s absurd. One doesn’t get permission to do basic things like that… I’d hope you’d check in with me if you were purchasing a car or choosing a paint color for the house. But television? Please, dude… Watch whatever trips your trigger.

  9. Penelope Smith Says:

    Yes, as long as you were paying enough attention to the children, wife, and your fulfilling other obligations.

  10. ???? Says:

    You betcha! You would have your “man-cave” in the basement with your big screen TV and several recliners for your buddies to visit too! Your bar would be stocked with your favorite brew on tap and snacks and it would be your spot, no ladies unless invited!
    BTW, you would have to have a great paying job to buy all that stuff, and I would have my own room too where no men would be allowed! LOL, it’s all about compromise!

  11. Strip Says:

    I would be your wife, not your owner. You could watch whatever you felt like watching. xoxo

  12. jade j Says:

    hell yea! In fact, I’d end up watching the sports with you. It wouldn’t matter to me when you watched them. Just make sure that I’d be watching them with you.

  13. Jessica Says:


  14. Tayler W Says:

    why wouldn’t i? Do whatever you want

  15. chickidy Says:

    yes, baby, dun worry, i’ll take care of the children, u just have your time, enjoy :p:p:p

  16. moonride Says:

    as long as you let me do whatever I want to do also…

  17. Queenie knows it all. Says:

    yes as long as it wsnt ubsesive or a religious type thing and u were conciderate and resposible about it. compromise w ur wife

  18. prncssje Says:

    lol..ofcourse I will we’ll watch it together while eating ice-cream.

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