Ladies Do You Enjoy Watching Sports.?

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I have brothers..and our dad was a baseball, football b ball nut..growing up we had season tickets to the sf giants and 49ers and warriors…my dad and bro’s still have them…so my two brothers and my 2 sisters..we are all baseball football b ball nuts as well…most guys trip out big time on me when i start talking about certain offenses or how baseball game is being called.
but i love showing up a man when it comes to sports. do you think a womens knowledge of a sport makes her any less of a woman
i don’t.

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  1. yellow_s Says:

    I love watching sports,I’m from az,so I’m a huge suns fan and cardinals and diamondbacks,I always watch all the games with my dad and brother,I love playing basketball theres nothing wrong with girls liking sports,more girls should.

  2. Sexy house music Says:

    it doesnt make us less woman!!! that’s crazy!!!
    i<3 watching b ball, tennis, football, and swim meets
    i’m still a girl

  3. sweetcak Says:

    I love watching basketball & football. I grew up watching it too. My brother was a football player. I definatley don’t think it makes us any less of a woman. Too bad if some people can’t handle it! ^^

  4. Burning Halo Says:


  5. i like saying hi Says:

    some sports

  6. Agent99 Says:

    I am ok with it~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  7. ~SuN~ Says:

    Only the All Blacks. Yay!

  8. Eisley Says:

    Tennis, tennis, and more tennis.

  9. kayla. Says:

    i love watching sports…. look at my name… i love nascar… go jeff gordon!! drive for five, baby!! he is number one in points right now…
    and college football… oh yeah!! GO WEST VIRGINIA MOUNTAINEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love the steelers too… but i like nascar, college football, and nfl… i am 24/female… and i hate guys that dont like sports!!

  10. i?holio Says:

    hell ya!!!!

  11. wiseguy Says:

    My 84-year-old mother still avidly follows the Detroit Red Wings and can’t wait for hockey season to begin each year. She knows every name on the roster, generally their draft position or how they were acquired and even sends me emails about players at their minor league club in Grand Rapids.
    From a Blackjack Stewart in the 1930s through Gordie Howe and Stevie Yzerman, my mom has been a Wing Nut.
    And, she’s most definitely a lady!

  12. Corrosion EAC Says:

    I like boxing and UFC, hockey, a little basketball and football too.
    But honestly I’m a total girly-girl.

  13. .Vibrant Says:

    huge UK basketball fan!

  14. hmmfunny Says:

    Sometimes I watch basketball. All the others I don’t understand.

  15. ?c0c0puf Says:

    nah, i’ll glance once in a while

  16. GOLDENFA Says:

    yes i do! ;)

  17. ? Paulomi ? Says:

    Football I enjoy.

  18. ? Red ? Says:

    hell nah girl. that makes you more of a woman . usually most of the people conside sports a Guy Thing. but its good to see that some women get into it to . you knowing sports prolly helps out alot when your in a relationship with a guy

  19. SykeOut Says:


  20. Elaine M Says:

    only basketball. The spurs had their first game tonight. They WON!!!!

  21. ?L4tM? Says:

    yeah, I feel as though this is the one way that I am going to land a man, someone told me that men tend to get really excited if you watch sports center with them. I dont care if its with him, just so long as I get to watch it.

  22. Nerdy Loser, seriously Says:

    Of course it doesn’t make youany less of a woman !I would think men would enjoy that because you wouldn’t be complaining about him watching the games all the time. like me

  23. oxendine Says:

    Ice Hockey! Too bad Jagr just had four of his front teeth smashed out :-(

  24. :-) Says:

    I love watching auto races or tennis but I hate football. It depends on the woman we’re talking about.

  25. C. is taking a break! Says:

    Yes but for shallow reasons some of those football and hockey players are hotties.

  26. Oh Juliana! Says:

    I only watch NRL grand final (here in Aus)

  27. ShaypY Says:

    I only like figure skating.

  28. kiwi Says:

    Yes I do!

  29. ?LiLLy? Says:

    yes i do. i grew up surrounded by hockey and the legendary Wayne Gretzky.

  30. happy day (sickofviolations) Says:

    I enjoy sports, especially if I’m at the game.

  31. Lolitta Says Deliver The Word Says:

    I Grew up loving AFL (asuie footy) its the bets game ever! i also love gymnasics and hope to famos!

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