Hey Ladies, What Professional Sports Do You Enjoy Watching?

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I noticed alot of females like football, because of all the action. What is your favorite……..

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  1. *Shannon Says:

    A really good defensive game of hockey is always going to get my attention.
    Horse racing – after the fact. Cannot watch live – will watch replay. Announcers will tell you if something ugly is going to happen.
    Football or rugby can also be entertaining.

  2. Dragonmi Says:

    I could honestly watch gymnastics, trampolining AND/OR acrobatics all day long !! Mens or women acrobatics is amazing to watch!..They dive through the air freely, catch each other, spinning endlessly, jumping, tumbling, prancing..allsorts! The teams (of usually 4,5or6?) make pyramids and shapes with their bodies. Add to all this action that: There’s a team of fit people and usually one teenyweeny one, whom they can catch in the air:-D FUN, eh?
    I find trampolining fascinating to watch because of the variety of skills (piked, stright and tucked forms too) means no two routines are often identical. Scoring in trampo and gymnastics is complex and depends on difficulty rating too. They are both equally enoyable!
    I(L) Gladiators, but that’s just me:-) Cyclone is a former gymnast and acrobatic.

  3. Sophrie : ) Says:

    and baseball :]]

  4. Je t'aime <3 Says:


  5. Penguins Says:


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