Guys: Do You Mind When Ladies Watch Sports W/ You?

Posted on 01 October 2009 by

I quite like it when my woman lays and watches a game of football or baseball, she’s big on both so that’s cool, although she doesn’t like soccer much which is kind of good because I am and get real intense when my team plays on tv

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  1. The D i s c o Spider ? ¹² Says:

    Lol @ invincible… I really try not to do that

  2. Basketcase 2 Says:

    when I was a kid – i use to enjoy the company of my mother whilst watching Football (soccer to americans) , especialy international tournaments like the World Cup or European Championships lol
    They keep it simple – and don’t over analyse or go over the top with explanations to events that transpire on the pitch, thats what I like about ladies.
    However with the good – comes the bad, and i think you guys know what I’m saying.
    whislt they can keep it simple, and make comments that sum up what you wanted to say using einstens theory of relativity lol , sometimes they say something that just totaly and utterly BAFFLES you bananas lmao
    also enjoyed watching American Wrestling (WWF back then now WWE of course) with my sisters when we were all young.
    There company was all i had to watch/discuss wrestling with back then, although later on I did have some cool ppl move into my neighbourhood lol
    But today, I could do without the company of females when watching sports that I’m SERIOUS about.
    For example – nothing productive or meaningful comes out of a womans mouth at a bar or pub if a footie game is on.
    ” cmon – score a goal ! ” is the best thing they can say, but it doesn’t help when your team is being played off the park and are 3 goals down now does it ?
    around 17-20% of me agrees with watching sports in company of females. otherwise the best thing for them is to go shopping with their female mates while we enjoy the game. heh.

  3. Barbaria Says:

    i better not do that bcs i will take it a personal challenge to get you away from the TV

  4. not me :) Says:

    i hope so
    i love to watch sports .. ha and more then likely i will be into the game more than the guy = P

  5. Lets Start A Riot! Says:

    i love playing sports but watching them is kinda a bore for me. except for hockey!
    i dont ask questions during sports though unless i didnt see something or whatever

  6. lisaarch Says:

    aslong as she knows whats going on and is cheering for the same team

  7. Zach That Whore Says:

    no, as long as she doesnt ask 342 questions about whats goin on

  8. Invincible {Kid Cudi} Says:

    if she knows what shes talking about, then i’m allright with it

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