A Lady Takes a Chance

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John Wayne is a rough and tumble rodeo star and Jean Arthur the big city working girl he meets while she’s vacationing out West. After he puts on a display of all the West has to offer, including barroom brawls and gambling dens, Arthur makes way back East…that is, if the Duke can’t stop her. With Phil Silvers, Charles Winninger. 86 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo.Amazon.com
A Lady Takes a Chance is probably the best American romantic comedy of the ’40s that hardly anyone knew about–at least, in the last three or four decades of the 20th century. That’s chiefly because, as a semi-independent production mounted for Jean Arthur by her husband, Frank Ross, the movie couldn’t claim a place in any studio archive (It’s a Wonderful Life was long neglected for similar reasons). So this lovely gem is ripe for rediscovery, not only for Arthur at her most enchantingly distracted, as a New York gal on a bus tour of the modern Wild West, but also for John Wayne’s sly sexiness as the rodeo rider who literally falls into her lap. James Agee, no less, approvingly noted that “Wayne suggests how sensational he might be in a sufficiently evil story about a Reno gigolo.” Lady isn’t evil, but it’s surely a delight. –Richard T. Jameson
A Lady Takes a Chance

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